PAII Innkeeping Conference & Trade Show

Early in January 2011 David & Eric had the privilege of attending the National Innkeeping Show & Conference hosted by Professional Association of Innkeepers International  in Charleston SC.  We have returned with many new ideas from new breakfast trends to “sprucing up” the guest experience and marketing our business using social media.  Changes are already in the works. It was great to be with innkeepers from all over the country with the same goals in mind, to share like experiences with those who go through the same daily routines and learn different ways of managing what we do.

The “nuggets”, as I call them, are the little things you learn when socializing over dinner or between classes. These nuggets can range from a cleaning product they love, to the best place to buy something. or a way to save money or time, or the best thing they have done to get more business.  It is just plain gratifying and rewarding to get to know other innkeepers!  The high energy level that you get from being around such a supportive group of people enables us to recharge our guest experiences because we have a sense of being recharged ourselves!

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