St Pauls Episcopal Chapel Market Day

Don’t miss this Magnolia Springs craft, foodie event, Nov 5 & 6,2010. Always the best vendors, frozen casseroles, lunch and Christmas gifts. Football will be on at Jesse’s & The Cold Hole  to entertain the husbands. In 1902 St Pauls Episcopal Chapel was built from pine timber taken from where it now resides. It is listed…

Pristine Beaches and Perfect Weather

Plan a trip down here now! It just does not get any better than this! The next couple of weeks are promising with great weather, highs in the lower 80’s and lows in the mid 60’s, little to no crowds, no lines at restaurants, no traffic to deal with, just perfect all around!  After months…

Jon Bon Jovi & Brad Paisley Concerts

Photo from The Jon Bon Jovi and Brad Paisley Concerts were a complete success last weekend. To be on Gulf Shores beach and  hear a concert is something many of us have never experienced and was absolutely spectacular. On Friday the shoulder-to-shoulder crowd seemed to love Gulf Shores and so did the New Jersey rocker Jon Bon Jovi.…

Southern Living, Fall

“For guests, the blessings are inside the well-appointed inn. Heart-pine floors, beaded-board walls, and five guest rooms fill the friendly Victorian structure with an inviting front porch. Modern amenities such as televisions, CD players, and a guest fridge complement the beautiful two-story house.”

Trees by a road in Magnolia Springs

David’s Baked Apple Pancakes

(Makes 6 servings) If you serve more you will need to adjust your pancake batter according to how many you are doing. Also count on one Granny Smith apple per 3 orders that you are cooking.